Are you getting all the media coverage you could be? Do you need help distinguishing your product or services from the pack?
The Limtiaco Company generates literally millions of media impressions for its clients by:
Differentiating them from the pack

Bringing fresh, creative ideas to the table which generate media coverage

Digging in and discovering what is completely
unique about you and your product

Re-packaging” your existing product, giving it a
new name and making it appealing to media

A few examples:Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB) – formerly confused with other clinics and services called “rehab”, the hospital selects TLC to break them out of the pack with “The REHAB Advantage” campaign, using the imagery of unforgettable faces telling their unique success stories, combined with a media campaign showcasing human triumphs. Result: phones start to ring in the clinics, state-wide.

Hawaii Macadamia Nut Association – TLC creates a marketing campaign to promote the purchase of 100% Hawaii-grown macadamia nuts. Included creation of “The Great Macadamia Nut Trail” on the Big Island, a partnership with a car rental company for exposure to visitors, a recipe booklet promoted by local chefs and an advertising campaign in visitor publications.
Result: Attracted local and national media and drove traffic to outlets on the Big Island.

Saint Louis High School — TLC creates a public relations campaign to change the image of the school to emphasize scholarship and spirituality. Partnered with ad campaign to showcase “The Saint Louis Man.”
Result: Extensive media coverage of all aspects of school life and dramatic improvement in enrollment.

200th Anniversary of the Chinese in Hawaii – When this year-long celebration needs a definitive kick-off event to command attention and unite the Chinese commmity, TLC introduces the World’s Longest Dancing Chinese Dragon, built by hundreds of volunteers.
Result: a recordation in the Guinness Book of World Records; extensive media coverage; a parade attended by thousands of people and the Chinese community united behind the program.

Maui Visitors Bureau – a media campaign targeted to family travel writers is invented as “Maui Loves Kids”, a campaign which pre-empts all other islands in this category and is taken to market with a distinctive logo, press kit and graphic image– all later developed as an ad campaign.
Result: island of Maui “owns” family travel as a marketing tool.

Santa Arrives on Maui–Video News Release — Combining the November arrival of the humpback whales on Maui with the arrival of Santa Claus in an outrigger canoe, TLC produces a video news release timed to air on Thanksgiving.
Result: Release airs throughout the country in every major market to some 7 million viewers. TLC wins a prestigious “Golden Bell” award from Hotel Sales & Marketing International.

Tiffany & Co.– created a campaign utilizing high profile community events to position Tiffany & Co. as a good corporate citizen. Executed a publicity initiative surrounding the visit of John Loring, Senior Design Director for Tiffany & Co., linking his visit with a momentous discovery of original paintings belonging to Hawaii’s Iolani Palace.
Result: Enhanced awareness and visibility for Tiffany & Co. as well as more publicity generated in six weeks than had been produced in the previous six years prior to our company’s engagement. Special events on Maui and in Honolulu yielded significant sales revenues.

John A. Burns School of Medicine – completely reversed the image of the school from a community liability which was near closure to being perceived as an asset. Publicized the school’s many substantive and valuable programs and created the first newsletter which materialized over $10,000 in donations to the school as a result of the first issue. Results: Community perception of the school as an asset and legislative support of $10 million to finance a study to re-locate and upgrade the campus.

Dept. of Environmental Services, City & County of Honolulu – developed a comprehensive public education and outreach program to raise awareness among the general public, target industries and businesses on preventing pollution. The program consisted of extensive and proactive outreach methods, which included a broad-based media campaign, public-private partnerships with the City, successful retail promotions and collateral development.
Results: Increased public awareness and program enhancement among industries to help protect Hawaii’s aquatic environment.